The mission of the Cell at VCTM is to provide an inclusive environment for the promotion and support of commercial science and technology research and development so as to build on the particular strengths of the VCTM's teaching and research facilities and expertise and to provide a means of further developing those strengths in collaboration with outside researchers, teaching institutions, government agencies and private industry.

At VCTM, students are expected to develop innovative thinking, logical & analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, trustworthiness, environment & energy consciousness, ethics & moral values. Ours is a new generation College - open to fresh ideas and thinking encompassing a spirit of innovation. The Research & Development (R&D) Cell at VCTM focuses directly to application oriented areas of interest wherein a student will be working with a vibrant community of likeminded intellectuals, with a hope of working on life changing project one day.

Basic research carried out by faculty members is based primarily on their own interest and initiative. This type of research usually results in research publications in international journals and/or conferences. 

VCTM is provided with well-equipped laboratories, specialized equipment, the full range of required infrastructure, including campus-wide networking and high-speed internet access, subscription to hundreds of print and online journals, and more. Attractive stipends and scholarships are available for the right candidates as incentives for post-graduate research.

Every department has faculty and students involved extensively in research activities. Undergraduate education is greatly benefited by the environment of postgraduate programmes, while both the curricula derives strength in a research environment created by doctoral and postdoctoral programmes.

Not only the departments of the VCTM, the various academic centers are also involved in research activities, in order to contribute and benefit from the advances in knowledge frontiers, which will help generate state-of-the-art technologies responding to the need of the country.

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