VCTM hostels provide students “a home away from home”. In a safe and comfortable living environment, the students learn the joys of sharing academic and personal experiences. Studying and working together make them better team-players and increase their chances of success in their corporate careers. Separate Hostel facilities are provided for boys and girls. The hostel mess is run by the active cooperation and involvement of the students. Students get high quality, well balanced and nutritious vegetarian meals.Hostel life has a charm of its own. It is almost a parallel culture, an experience that takes you out of your comfort zone and exposes you to several experiences. Living by some stringent rules is one of them. Getting to know a host of students from diverse backgrounds at very close quarters, is another. At VCTM, College the idea is to make one as comfortable as possible in this parallel culture.Apart from the infrastructural soundness, all the hostels provide sufficient scope for interaction and relationship-building. There are common rooms, games rooms and courts for various sports in all hostels, where the students can relax and cool down after a hectic day of work. There is freedom of movement and students constantly interact with one another. This gives the new students full scope to know their seniors, learn from them, leverage their knowledge and build lasting relations with them. It is also a common sight to find study groups and project groups working away into the night in the hostel common rooms. .

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