College offers free and full fledged facilities for:

  • ART CLUB: Where all the willing students are provided with brushes, paints and sheets on the board during college hours to all the willing students to sketch out their imaginations.
  • SPORTS CLUB: The sports complex offers facilities for football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, table-tennis etc.
  • TRANSCEND CLUB: The personality comprises spirit or soul, mind and body. Spirit is you, yourself, the supreme seat of your personality. Spirit commands mind and mind commands body. A qualified set of practices towards enlightening one’s personality is practice of meditation-for-soul, practice of concentration-for-mind, practice of breathing exercises (pranayama) for regulation of this personality apparatus and practice of yogasanas-for-body. The campus embraces complete set of infrastructure for transcend club activities with flowing music, temple and well equipped meditation halls.

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