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प्रवेश प्रारम्भ सत्र २०२२-२३ पाठ्यक्रम: डिप्लोमा | बी.टेक. | एम्. बी. ऐ. | एम्.टेक.

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प्रवेश प्रारम्भ सत्र २०२२-२३ पाठ्यक्रम: डिप्लोमा | बी.टेक. | एम्. बी. ऐ. | एम्.टेक.

Mechanical engineering @ a glance

Machine ToolMechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of engineering, physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools. It is one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines. This engineering field requires an understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, structural analysis, and electricity. Mechanical engineers use these core principles along with tools like computer-aided engineering, and product lifecycle management to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices, weapons, and others.

Career Scope and Placement Prospects

It has a tremendous scope in Cement industry, Steel, Power sector, Hydraulics, Manufacturing plants, Drilling and mining Industry, Petroleum, Aeronautical, Biotechnology, Automobile engineering and many more besides. With its wide scope of application, mechanical engineers remain always in demand, no matter which part of the world. Mechanical engineers can also find job very easily in the following public sector industries such as Indian Railways, Indian Air force (Technical), Indian Army, Thermal power corporations etc…

Working Domain of Mechanical Engineers

Scope & Career - Mechanical Engineering

As the Working criteria of a mechanical Engineer changes according to the type and domain of the company they are working with and the field of specialization we can broadly say that such an Engineer works on how to Design and control a system that goes into the process of manufacturing the machinery and the product. He tests new systems for feasibility and efficiency and carries out Quality management and improvement process. The Mechanical engineers’ versatility equips one to work in the automotive, aerospace, chemical, computer, communication, paper, and power generation industries.

Mechanical engineers will be found virtually in any manufacturing industry. Increasingly, mechanical engineers are needed in the environmental and bio-medical fields. Indeed every product or service in modern life has probably been touched in some way by a mechanical engineer.


Mechanical Engineers touch almost every aspect of technology.They create machines, products and technological systems that benefit society.

Mechanical engineering projects can range from designing heart valves and artificial limbs, clockwork radios and dentists’ drills, building racing cars, jet engines, space modules, solar heaters and wind mills. Mechanical Engineering is a large and diversified field. All engineers have a common interest in heat and motion. Mechanical engineers use the principles of mathematics,material science, physics and economics to design, to manufacture and to maintain mechanical equipments. Our household appliances, chimneys, cars, ships and airplanes have been designed, tested and manufactured by mechanical engineers. Wherever there are machines, there is a necessity of Mechanical Engineers. Wherever Mechanical Engineers work, they are engaged in one or more of eight different fields: Research, Development, Design, Testing, Manufacturing, Operations, Maintenance, Marketing & Sales Administration. Mechanical Engineering is specifically concerned with anything that has movable parts. As a result, there are job opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in all fields of work such as transport, health, defense, manufacturing, power station, energy management, entertainment, finance, publishing, building, design and research, to name a few.

CFD Centre

The increasing demand of Computational analysis of Mechanical Engineering problems makes it inevitable to equip our students to perform the same. It is in this perspective that the thermal stream of the department has founded a computational centre for students and to assist the faculty in their research. Currently the centre provides linux, Windows platforms and Computational tools like OpenFOAM, ANSYS Fluent and CFX. All the necessary arrangements with highly trained members of the faculty and technical support are made in the department for the smooth working of the CFD Centre.

Career Guidance Cell

The objective of the career guidance cell is to keep the students well-aware of all the possible career options in their purview and to help them make informed and wise decisions about their future. Career Guidance Cell actively promotes student career counseling and placement services.

Our students are required to do a self assessment upon arriving at our institute. We believe that, to get the best out of our programs and other extracurricular activities, the students are aware of their new environment and their own needs and ambitions.

Study Circle

Study circle is a platform for sharing experience and expertise of a member of the faculty among the colleagues. It aims to improve knowledge and generate interest in the different areas of engineering and also to provide guidelines for better teaching practices and life styles. Each individual faculty has one’s own core areas and approaches for teaching. Sharing those thoughts and ways of thinking opens up new avenues for better working and self improvement. It also aims to create a better work place of choice for the members of the faculty. The meeting is planned to convene on every Thursdays.

Department Info

Department Location Central Block
Year of Establishment B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering — 2008
M.Tech in Machine Design — 2014
Head of Department U D Khan
Contact – Ph. No. + 91 9690868808
Email ID This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Total number of Classrooms 10
Total number of Laboratories 7


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