inspiration Shri N.L. Saraswat has been the pivotal point of inspiration for all of us. An honest, upright man of letters Shri Saraswat was a highly educated landlord and a social worker to the core of the heart. Being a visionary with missionary zeal he strived to impart knowledge to the underprivileged and to establish an educational institution for higher learning to cater to the needs of weaker sections of the society. He, however, did not live longer to see his dreams transformed into reality. His worthy son Advocate Anil Saraswat, through his consistent efforts fulfilled his dreams and confirmed the saying “the spirit never dies with the body.” He established Vivekananda College of Education (VCE) in 2003, Vivekananda College of Law (VCL) in 2004, Vivekananda College of Technology & Management (VCTM) in 2008 and Vivekananda College of Polyteechnic (VCP) in 2018. This has been possible only due to living, inspiring and immortal spirit of Late Shri Saraswat Ji. VCE, VCL and VCTM in various disciplines are dedicated to the fond memory of this great soul.


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